Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Medical Aesthetic Prescribing Programme

    2. What is MAPP?

    3. Introducing Dr. Sunny Dhesi

    4. Introducing Vivek Kuvelker

    5. Introducing Amy Lamb

    6. Introducing Helen Summers

    1. M: The Importance of Medication & Pharmacology in Prescribing Practice

    2. E: Understanding Exposure Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

    3. D: Mastering Drug Terminology: Absorption, Bioavailability, and First-pass Metabolism

    4. I: Navigating Interactions with Other Medications

    5. C: Managing Comorbidities and Medical History in Prescribing

    6. A: Adverse Effects and Monitoring: Ensuring Patient Safety

    7. T: Therapeutic Factors: Balancing Professional and Patient Factors

    8. E: Elimination and Metabolism of Medication: A Comprehensive Guide

    9. Mapp Workbook Module 1 - Medicate

    1. Introduction to Development

    2. C: Developing Competency: Prescribe Safely, Professionally, and Continuously Improve

    3. O: Leveraging Other Resources

    4. N: Networking for Success

    5. T: Understanding and Applying Medical Terminology

    6. I: Integration: Medicines Management, Medication Review, and Morbidity

    7. N: New Strategies: Enhance, Explore, and Reflect on Your Practice

    8. U: Keeping Up-to-Date: Numeracy, NMC Revalidation, and Nuances

    9. E: Building an Evidence Base: Critical, Complete, and Clinical

    10. Summary of Development

    11. Mapp Workbook Module 2 - Continue Development

    1. P: Physical Assessment: Anatomy, Assessment, and Accuracy

    2. R: Recognising Red Flags: Risk, Rationale, and Rejection

    3. A: Accountability: Regulation, Revalidation, and Responsibility

    4. C: Honing Clinical Skills: Protocols, Physical Signs, and Patient Examination

    5. T: Staying Informed: The NEWS - National Early Warning Score, Numbers, and Non-profit

    6. I: Making Impressions: Communication, Concordance, and Compliance

    7. C: Considerations: Whistleblowing, Widows, and Watchdog

    8. E: Ethical & Legal Practice: Legislation, Governance, and Power Up

    9. Summary of Professional Practice

    10. Mapp Workbook Module 3 - Professional Practice

    1. Introduction to Consultation

    2. P: Preparing for Consultation: Logistics, Information, and Labour

    3. R: Building Rapport: Entrust, Empathy, and Empowerment

    4. I: Information Gathering: Columbus, Clinical Information, and Record Keeping

    5. N: Addressing Patient Needs: Physical, Psychological, and Psychosocial

    6. C: Effective Communication: Forms, Fundamentals, and Final (informed consent)

    7. I: Involving Patients: Decision-making, Concordance, and Compliance

    8. P: Providing Treatment: Plan, Teach, and Transmission

    9. L: Leaving the Consultation: Summarise, Safety-netting, and Support

    10. E: Evaluation: Recognise, Review, and Re-assess

    11. Summary of the Consulation Principle

    12. Mapp Workbook Module 4 - Consultation

    1. T: Trust in the Multi-disciplinary Team: Transparency, Tools, and Tumour (in the team)

    2. E: Education within the Team: Expectation, Evaluation, and Audit

    3. A: Accountability in the Team: Audit, Activity and Apple

    4. M: Mutual Respect - Professions, Prescribing Lead and Prescribing Team

    5. W: Willingness in the Team: Patient Care, Professional Care,and Pupils

    6. O: Open Communication in the Team: Record Keeping, Rules, and Rapport

    7. R: Responsibility in the Team: Regulation and Revalidation

    8. K: Knowledge Sharing in the Team: Informed Consent, Information Governance, and IT & Innovation

    9. Mapp Workbook Module 5 - Teamwork

About this course

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Sundeep Dhesi

Aesthetic doctor

Dr. Sunny Dhesi is a cosmetic doctor and general practitioner. He’s passionate about human physiology, medicine, educating patients and training practicioners to become prescribers. He has dedicated years to studying, listening, and refining treatments to provide the highest level of holistic healthcare, allowing his patients to achieve their wellness and health goals.

Amy Lamb

Aesthetic nurse prescriber

Amy is a registered nurse and Independent Prescriber since 2010. She is passionate about standards and safety in health and has been a strong supporter of regulation in the aesthetics industry for a long time. For the past 13 years, Amy has worked in advanced practice and has been involved in developing and implementing various health-related training and education programs.

Vivek Kuvelker

Aesthetic pharmacist prescriber

Vivek is a clinical pharmacist prescriber with over 28 years of experience working in the NHS. He has been running his own full-time facial aesthetics clinic, for the last 6-7 years with prior work in community pharmacy and GP practices in the Teesside area. Committed to improving his professional development, he earned a Master's in Clinical Pharmacy Practice, researching technology in clinicians' work.

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